Drs. Laura Ferrer and Matt Hersh are clinical psychologists and mindfulness teachers with more than 40 years combined experience. They maintain psychotherapy and coaching practices in the Boston area, helping children, adults, and families work through anxiety and stress-related disorders, as well as the everyday struggles and stresses of family life.  

Laura and Matt are excited to bring their life’s work to a larger audience, helping parents to transform their everyday parenting stresses into opportunities for greater peace, wisdom, and growth.  

They are both parents, and the materials they created for VitalMind are based on practices they find essential in their own lives.  As in all families, Laura and Matt regularly find opportunities to “practice” their skills, and they talk openly about falling short of the “ideal” ... join them in the journey.

How VitalMind Can Transform Your Parenting

We've distilled the latest evidence-based psychological science and ancient wisdom into 3 vital skillsets that help parents become their most mindful, curious, joyful selves inside and out of the home.

MindSet Skills

MindSet skills help parents to harness the mind's innate strength & wisdom.

Based on principles of mindfulness, a clearer and more "known" mind paves the way to more effective parenting.  

When parents more deeply appreciate their values, expectations, and beliefs about their parenting and children, unnecessary stress can be a thing of the past.  

HeartSet Skills

HeartSet Skills

HeartSet skills support parents in cultivating the gift of emotional connection. 

It's so hard to parent well when we're feeling disconnected from ourselves and our children.

The elements of HeartSet - like gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion - bring parents "into the heart" of what it truly means to be a mindful parent.

Everything else gets much easier when the heart is effectively involved. 

ActionSet Skills

ActionSet skills involve what parents "do" in the moment - how you choose to respond vs. react from habit or impulse.

These skills help parents learn to "pause" in pressured and hectic moments, finding ways to communicate and act effectively, in line with your intentions.  

Ultimately, ActionSet skills provide the spark parents need to live more mindfully in the moment with greater presence, ease, and joy.  

Answers to Common Parent Questions

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